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25 years of working together Richard Adams & Hybrid Gallery 1991 - 2016

Richard Adams & Hybrid Gallery 1991 - 2016

Richard Adams and Tim Woolgar first met in 1979 at Leicester Polytechnic where they found themselves almost by accident on the BA Graphic Design course. Although pursuing the same path their lives only crossed in the refectory or at crits; Richard was always good, hard-working, Tim was always good, at talking. The serendipity played out when both moved to London after graduating; Tim set up the Inkshed illustration agency with Richard as the star illustrator winning awards and competitions. Tim met Jacqueline and Jacqueline met Richard and they all joined forces to buy a gallery in Columbia Road where Richard had his first exhibition in 1991, Touring Britain. As friends and working partners, they have successfully toured Britain (well the south of England) ever since.


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