We have a relatively small (but perfectly formed!) group of figurative artists whose work we regularly show. We enjoy a close relationship with our artists many of whom we have known for a long time.

Our inaugural exhibition was work by Richard Adams who Hybrid have championed since 1991 when he had his very first exhibition at Hybrid in Columbia Road in Hackney, London. Since this time Richard's popularity has grown and his originals are now highly collectable. We have known Rachel Ross for nearly as long, her success in the last 10 years has been phenomenal.

Re-locating to Honiton we met Irene Jones and we hit it off straight away. Irene's recent popularity has come well-deserved after a long career as a painter. Serena Curmi and Niggy Dowler are two further local success stories.

However our criteria for artists to exhibit is not historically or geographically constrained; we select work of quality and integrity which we admire and are enthusiastic about. Constantly looking out for new artists we enjoy our role encouraging their development and finding their audience.

Our Exhibition Programme for 2017 includes Irene Jones' bi-annual solo and sees the first major showing of Dylan Lloyd. We also take pleasure in showing several new painters in specific exhibitions and in stock in the gallery. It is a diverse range where we hope you will always find new art of quality to enjoy.