Dean works from his studio at home in Bristol, creating pieces for exhibit in London and the South of England. His work focuses on birds and animals whose forms are suggested to him by the shapes and properties of found materials.

As a child Dean tracked down creatures in the garden, his passion for natural history only equalled by his love of art. It was a natural progression for him to study scientific illustration however feeling the need for a more creatively challenging course he moved to Central St Martin's. It was here Dean first worked with recycled materials, a 'one off' project which led to new a way of working and his distinctive style.

Dean evolved a sculptural method which allowed him to creatively examine the world of wildlife.  From silverware and shoe trees to brushes and old car seat leather, Dean sources materials which are strangely appropriate in their form or origin to the animal they sculpt. Describing an animal’s physical appearance, their behaviour and character, he creates bizarrely life-like creatures with accuracy and wit.

The range of species Dean has sculpted is extensive, he will also work to commission, please enquire of Hybrid.

Dean will be exhibiting with Hybrid at art fairs in Cheltenham, Fresh and Battersea, Affordable Art Fair in 2018 and has a solo collection Sea Life in the gallery in the summer.

Hybrid sells three of Dean's art postcards.


25 January - 10 March 2018
Hybrid Gallery Dean Patman Parakeet
18 November - 22 December 2017
Hybrid Gallery Teresa Jenellen Little Red
22 July - 27 August 2016
14 March - 11 April 2015
Studio Shed
01 November - 31 December 2014
Bonfire by the Wagon
01 June - 07 July 2012
Matching Spoons