We hold both solo shows and small curated group exhibitions throughout the year from March to December.

At the beginning of the year and at other times, between exhibitions we show works in stock by our artists.

One gallery throughout the year is dedicated to work held in stock, this includes paintings from our regular exhibitors, artists' prints from a number of printmakers and a few giclée prints of our painters' work.

Each exhibition also features the work of a sculptor or craftsperson which allows for the display of a more extensive range of work by one maker.

We also sell functional and decorative ceramics and a selection of work by craftspeople chosen to complement the art on the walls and reflect our preference for figurative work, well crafted simple forms and for work revealing humour.

Current Exhibition – 15 September 2018 - 13 October 2018 Still Life - Annie Waring, Annika Talsi

  • Hybrid Gallery Annie Waring Magnolia
  • Hybrid Gallery Annika Talsi Hung Lemon

Current Exhibition – 15 September 2018 - 13 October 2018 Well Loved - Rachel Ross

  • Hybrid Gallery Rachel Ross Feather with Jewellery Box and Locket
  • Hybrid Gallery Rachel Ross Four Collected Spoons

Current Exhibition – 22 September 2018 - 23 September 2018 Irene Jones Flash Sale - Irene Jones

  • The Hidden Message
  • Hybrid Gallery Irene  Jones Final TouchHybrid Gallery Irene  Jones Final Touch


Hybrid Gallery Richard Adams To the Fields
Irene Jones Hybrid Gallery Fairy King

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