Richard Adams grew up in Wiltshire in the 1960’s. He studied illustration at Leicester Polytechnic and went on to freelance, winning many illustration awards during the 1980's. He began to exhibit his personal work in 1991 and has shown annually with Hybrid ever since. Adams now lives in East Sussex where he devotes all his time to creating works for exhibition.

His work depicts the English countryside and seaside and is inspired by his long-held loves for English vernacular architecture, rural history and our native flora and fauna. Yet the true subject of Adams' work is the imagination. His flights of fancy create a bucolic world peopled with characters in simple, domestic and rural pursuits. Everyday life takes on a fiction of endless sunshine and joyful leisure where fairies inhabit mystical sites and the fantastic sits comfortably in the natural world.

Likened to the eccentric visionaries, Spencer and Dadd his work follows in a tradition of British image making which he refreshes with his wit and humour. His unique, uplifting images convey a view which is is ultimately optimistic and life-affirming.

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Richard will be exhibiting with Hybrid at art fairs in Cheltenham, Fresh and Battersea, Affordable Art Fair in 2018.

Richard exhibited annually at Combe House Hotel until its change of hands in October 2015. Read about the history of Richard Adams and Combe House.

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26 October - 17 November 2018
Hybrid Gallery Richard Adams Harvest Festival
25 January - 10 March 2018
Hybrid Gallery Irene Jones  Sensia
29 September - 11 November 2017
Hybrid Gallery Richard Adams Harvest Festival
07 October - 12 November 2016
Back from the Boat
10 July - 08 August 2015
August Shadows
25 July - 30 August 2014
Hybrid Gallery Richard Adams The Old Station
30 June - 31 August 2013
Castlegate House
13 October - 14 October 2012
Combe Picnic
20 July - 25 August 2012
The Country Show
30 September - 02 October 2011
Bubble and Squeak
15 July - 03 September 2011
Waiting in the Wings
01 October - 06 November 2010
The Stone Garden
23 July - 28 August 2010
In Town


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