Richard Adams

In a return to the heart of the country Richard Adams visits the great outdoors and rustic village life. His passion for the British countryside oozes through each picture and with a definite Devon flavour pervading, he captures the splendour of Dartmoor and the Dart estuary.

Stunning as these places are, they are in truth the backdrop for the real subject of Adams’ images, life in the country. Inhabited by Adams’ diverse characters, it is a place where people join together to share a life and do so at a slower pace; like this it seems, there is time for joy to be found in leisure and in work alike. Tasting the sweetness of illicit honeycomb, scattering corn to the geese and even in the farrier’s toil there is time for pleasure and the space to let the wondrous into our lives.

Adams grew up in rural Wiltshire in the 1960’s and has made pictures all his life. Fascinated with rural history, the factual and folkloric, he absorbs images and experiences which he transforms through the filter of his imagination into fantastic pictures of life and love.

Paul Young

Ceramics have been a part of Paul Young's  creative expression and profession for over twenty-five years. During this time he has been drawn ever closer to the traditions of English earthenware, slipware and European folk art. Taking inspiration from all of these, the strongest bond lies with the Staffordshire wares of the eighteenth century. Appearing both naive and sophisticated in its execution, this work has a charm and honesty which may be detected in Paul's work also. Making highly decorative ware and more functional domestic ceramics Paul's work combine a narrative thread with an essential joy for life.

Paul Young trained at Sheffield and Chesterfield College of Art in the late 1970s - early 80s. He now works from a studio in a Victorian Railway Station in Warwickshire.  He has work in public and private collections.