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25 March - 6 May 2017
  • Camellia-and-Blue
  • FRAMEDrose&cup

Three painters focus on the flower composition in the still life genre. With different concerns, ways of seeing and techniques of painting this simple subject allows for a wide diversity and engages thought and the eye.

Annie Waring concentrates on painting still lifes. She likes to paint simple objects, simply placed. Light and reflection and the textures of the negative space interest her and her confident strokes capture the essence of the subject to create compositions with a quiet stillness. Annie has returned to painting after a long career in design.

Jon Doran explores the duality of a painting; the subject, the flowers or vase and then the substance, the shapes, colour and paint. He encourages the eye to believe in the play of light on form to see a subject and then to break it down and simply see the brushstrokes. Jon graduated from Falmouth in 2014 and has exhibited in Cornwall and London.

Niggy Dowler makes the distinctive choice of an aerial view for her subject and frequently a circular form for the composition. Blooms bunched together around a central bird’s nest or egg are exquisitely painted in oils, her vivid colours glowing against the dark ground. Niggy has been exhibiting paintings showing her fresh take on Classical Realism since 2012.