Irene Jones was just 13 when she attended the art school attached to Nottingham College of Arts and Crafts. Here she later studied graphic design and went on to work as a set designer in repertory theatre. Since 1970 she has lived in Devon exhibiting in the south west including at the Royal West of England Academy.

In 2009 Irene showed a series of small portraits, her "Tudor ladies", they were hugely popular and marked a turning point in Irene’s career. Her current work developed from these, inspired by her love of medieval portraits and fuelled by her passion for storytelling.

The sideways glances, controlled gestures and symbolic details such the closed book, crescent moon or pressed flower suggest a narrative yet do not impose a single story. A love of the theatre is evident in the sense we get of interrupting the drama, Irene’s interest in history and costume too is clear. However these paintings are not slavishly historical they are concerned with the perennial issues of human life and being so have a timeless quality. Informed by dreams, fears but most of all her imagination, Irene Jones’ work is unique and captivating

Irene will be exhibiting with Hybrid at art fairs in Cheltenham, Fresh and Battersea, Affordable Art Fair in 2018. She has an exhibition in the gallery in October 2019.

We sell several of Irene's art postcards 


A Particular Time
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Hybrid Gallery Irene Jones A Secret Friend
A View to Tomorrow
A Touch of Colour


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