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Rob Mason

Rob Mason

  • Partisan
  • Barn on the Hill
  • White Hart

Rob is a self taught artist and creator who says he is inspired by everything he has seen, heard and felt since 1989!

Rob works from a green shed in the countryside on Dartmoor. Dominant in his paintings are the field patterns of Devon which meld with imaginative smallholding fantasies and eccentric rural dwellings. Themes of sustainable living, man-made invention and dream futures suffuse these semi-surreal landscapes and transport us to another place.

The other strand of his dreamworld work features fictional characters who adopt classical poses and proudly present symbols of their stature or persona, giving rise to humour and sometimes gentle satire.

Outsider Art is recalled in the flattened perspective,  repeated shapes and in the patterning of Rob’s paintings. His immersion in an imaginary world also suggests links with outsider and naive art. Without instruction and working alone he experiences a constant stream of inspiration which finds its output into painting, sculpture and making.

Rob has exhibited with Hybrid at the Affordable Art Fairs