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An Imaginary Friend

An Imaginary Friend

1 - 31 March 2014

Irene Jones has painted since she attended art school in Nottingham, aged 13. Whilst she has experienced success in her career it is her recent series of “Tudor Ladies” which has brought her wider recognition. A strong interest in the Elizabethan age; the costume, symbolism and the theatre is evidenced in these portraits however they are not slavishly historical. Concerned rather with the perennial issues of human life, love, loss and friendship, informed by Irene’s dreams and fears, her subjects feel contemporary and real.

Serena Curmi spent her childhood traveling, only settling as an adult to study Art at Falmouth. It maybe as a result that she has a minimalist approach to life, reflected in her work. Isolating her subject, she leaves large areas of the canvas blank; her faint drawing marks in graphite blend with thinly applied paint to reach a fine balance between description and suggestion and to create an ethereal stillness. Honing focus on this lone figure Serena encourages thought and conjecture on them and their journey.

Rob Mason is a self taught artist and creator who says he is inspired by everything he has seen, heard and felt since 1989! He works from a green shed on Dartmoor and dominant in his paintings are the field patterns of Devon which meld with imaginative smallholding fantasies. The other strand of his dreamworld work features fictional characters who adopt classical poses and proudly present symbols of their stature or persona giving rise to humour and sometimes gentle satire.