Christine Relton and Tom Marine have been painting collaboratively since 1996 under the name RELTON MARINE. Their work sits in the genres of landscape painting and still life, their drawing with graphic dark line and their saturated colour palette imbues their distinctive paintings with energy. Each have separate roles but they come together in discussion of the composition and will often repaint whole areas to achieve a balance with the aim to convey their enjoyment of the painting process and uplift the viewer.

Christine studied fine art at Leeds and Lancaster and Tom at Byam Shaw and Chelsea School of Art and both have been involved in painting and printmaking for over 30 years. As RELTON MARINE they have paintings in the permanent collection at the House of Lords, are listed in Who's Who in Art and Artists in Britain since 1945. They have been commissioned for public buildings as well as private buyers and exhibit and sell their work throughout the UK.


Hybrid Gallery Relton Marine Harbour with Hibiscus