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This Land

This Land

1 July - 31 August 2014
  • Autumn, to the Chains
  • Early May, Lester Cliffs
  • Devon Cliff
  • Moorland Smallholding
  • Out on the Rolling Sands
  • A Path to the Sea
  • Devon Church
  • Hooken Cliffs, Branscombe, Midsummer
  • Rocky Cove

A panorama of Devon from sea level to cliff top.

Mark Rochester brings a fresh, contemporary spin to the landscape genre. Working largely ‘en plein air’ Mark moves around the Devon countryside to capture its breathtaking scenery. The rugged coastline of North Devon with its falling cliffs encourage vertiginous views, the moorlands - wide sweeping vistas and the gentle valleys and coves - more intimate compositions. As viewer we share a feeling of being in the space, a sensation helped by the freshness and immediacy of his painting style; the light touch of brush and paint and swift graphic marks in pencil.

After more than 30 years as a textile designer for the the most prestigious furnishing companies Mark has returned to Ilfracombe to channel his skill into his own paintings.