In 2009 Irene Jones showed a series of small portraits she called her “Tudor ladies”, it was a starting point. Over the last two years she has painted feverishly and the result is this solo exhibition of her most recent paintings.

From those paintings reminiscent of 16th century portraits, Irene’s work has developed into a vibrant collection of images of women, enigmatic, confident and contemporary. The scale of some works has increased and these compositions become more complex. The small portraits still have their place, though less and less they reference the Tudors as attention is drawn to each unique character. These works are inspired by a period yet not slavishly historical and concerned with the perennial issues of human life, they have a timeless quality. Sideways glances, controlled gestures and symbolic details of bird, flower or moon suggest a narrative yet do not impose a story. Informed by dreams, fears, but most of all her imagination, Irene Jones sees with a knowing eye.