Richard Sowman’s work shows his primary interest for the way natural light affects, objects, rooms and elements outdoors to create contrasts and to unite elements within a space. 

In his words;

"I hope my painting doesn’t require much in the way of words. It must be obvious that I’m intrigued by the way light from the sun hits things and transforms, a dramatic alchemy. This illusion also interests me at a technical, nuts and bolts level; how it might be possible to communicate a vision of light to someone else with some coloured powders ground up in linseed oil and plopped around with bristles stolen from pigs and squirrels."

Richard studied painting at Byam Shaw and Falmouth School of Art, 1971-75. For many years he worked with sailing boats and carpentry before returning to paint full-time in 1999. He has exhibited widely including in the R.A. Summer Show. He now lives and paints from studios in Cornwall and in France.


Hybrid Gallery Richard Sowman Looking at the Sun
Hybrid Gallery Dean Patman Pheasant
Hybrid Gallery Richard Sowman Morning


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