Debbie’s vividly coloured landscapes are based on her walks along weather beaten coastal paths and over fields shaped by livestock and farming. 

Memories of hills and tracks, the skyline and weather conditions emerge in the studio where Debbie layers thicknesses of paint in bright colour to assemble landscapes. Her sweeping curves are punctuated by focal points of sea defences, boats, barns and animals, becoming visual records of her journeys; part real, part imagined landscapes filled with energy.

Debbie studied at The Royal College of Art and was a freelance illustrator for 20 years. After a hiatus running a country inn she returned to painting two years ago. As if awakening from a coma, she says she has a new perspective, is fresh, excited and fascinated by who she now is and how she sees things.


Hybrid Gallery Helen Tabor On the Feast of Stephen
Hybrid Gallery Debbie Lush Cows Crossing
Hybrid Gallery Marian Hill  Smoke House
Hybrid Gallery Debbie Lush The Cows are Out


Whilst January is the time for dreary grey outside it is…