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A Country Walk

A Country Walk

8 June - 13 July 2019
  • Hybrid Gallery Linda Felcey Pollen Shower
  • Hybrid Gallery Debbie Lush Pink Landscape
  • Hybrid Gallery Debbie Lush Way to Kitt Bridge
  • Hybrid Gallery Debbie Lush One Pink Field

Linda Felcey and Debbie Lush both gain inspiration from from walking and observing seasonal changes in the countryside.

Linda’s studio lies beneath the escarpment of Mount Caburn where Downs meet Weald in East Sussex. It’s a landscape which she has a longstanding and intimate knowledge of through walking, observing, and interpreting. Her work is simply about taking notice, striving to depict the unique and transient qualities of a particular place and moment. 

Linda studied Fine Art and exhibits regularly in Sussex, London and Devon.

Debbie’s vividly coloured landscapes are based on her walks along the footpaths of East Devon where she lives; it is an ancient landscape shaped by the elements and by farming. Her journeys, the hills and tracks, skyline and weather conditions re-emerge in the studio as Debbie layers colour in sweeping brush strokes. Dotting cameos of settlements and animals, scratching tracks through the paint, the real and the imagined meet.

Debbie studied at the Royal College of Art and returned to painting just two years ago, she says, as if awakening from a sleep, she has now a new perspective and way of seeing.