Layla Rose is a contemporary Scottish painter, who studied a BA in Fine Arts, followed by Art History at Sotheby’s Institute of Art. She creates unique portraits and scenes of everyday life that lie between figuration and abstraction.

​Her recent paintings examine the poignant moment in any child’s development: the moment of self-awareness and reflection. Rose feels that society often overlooks the ideas and intentions of the youthful, so paints children with an air of dignity. She is inspired by generational knowledge and wants to capture that knowledge in her subject.

​Rose has a carefree approach to her paintings, using her intuition and focusing on the colour palette before she begins working with oils. She is interested in allowing her inner child to play in the early stages of a painting to encourage spontaneous mark-making. Rose often incorporates storytelling within her paintings, sometimes using text when appropriate. In her recent work, she has focused on the balance between contemporary figuration and naive abstraction.


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