Alice McMurrough studied Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art, she qualified as a teacher and taught for many years. In 2007 she left the profession to concentrate on her own painting. Alice exhibits regularly with the Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts, the Royal Scottish Academy and several other Scottish institutions and galleries.

Alice invites you enter a fairy tale world where events, real and imagined are intertwined. Family legends, religious fables and childhood stories are drawn upon and connected to create engagement with contemporary concerns. Of her work she says,

“I use distortion, metaphor and symbolism in a context free from chronological time and precise place. I aim for an attention that children have for the world, before ritual and maturity strips life of its daily magic.”

There is no single reading of one of Alice’s paintings. Finding the inner child and one’s own interpretation or story is central to the pleasure derived from Alice McMurrough’s work.



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