Debbie studied Illustration at Harrow School of Art and at The Royal College of Art. She worked as a freelance illustrator in London for 20 years. She moved to the west country in 2003 but has only recently renewed her painting career. We are fortunate to be showing Debbie’s new work for the first time at Hybrid.

Debbie’s escape route from London was to move to Somerset to renovate and run a country inn and she had every intention of continuing to paint. Things don't always turn out as planned! With very restricted free time Debbie could only look fleetingly at the landscape and it wasn’t until she sold her thriving business that she has been able see the world in brush strokes again. She says she imagines it is like waking from a coma with a new perspective; she is fresh, excited and fascinated by who she now is and how she sees things.

“I love the act of brushing blobs of paint in varying thicknesses on a surface, one over the other, assembling landscapes based on walks with my dog. Along muddy footpaths, through gates and over fields, with houses, farm buildings and animals as points of focus organising the blobs of colours, I visualise journeys in my paintings.”

Debbie’s personal nicknames for places map her view and provide titles for her paintings.


Hybrid Gallery Debbie Lush The Good Hill
Hybrid Gallery Irene Jones  Sensia


Whilst January is the time for dreary grey outside it is…