Vanessa graduated from The Royal College of Art with Distinction, she has won various awards for her work and has been elected a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts. Her work has been sold widely and recent exhibitions include; R.A. Summer Show, Royal Scottish Academy of Arts Open, The Royal Society of British Artists’ Annual and The Society of Women Artists’ Annual.

Vanessa works in painting, drawing and printmaking, exploring many themes, experimenting to push creative boundaries with colour always an important aspect of her work. Her current print practice is engaged with the relationship between printmaking and painting. 

“I use conventional inks, paints and tools peculiar to each discipline but I also cross over e.g. mixing pigment rich oils traditionally used in painting. Challenging traditional perceptions of printmaking, I am interested in pushing the limitations of screenprinting and monoprinting in terms of process and outcome, incorporating the language I have developed in painting.”


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