In 2019 Budgerigar was hung in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, also accepted was Lead Goose, a small study of a toy farmyard animal. This success and the subsequent sales have encouraged further development of these series. He had a painting accepted for the 2020 RA Summer Exhibition too.

His most recent work is a result of exploring the narrative in old family photo albums.Tim studied Graphic Design & Illustration at Leicester Polytechnic and went on to represent artists as an illustrators’ agent and then as a gallerist. He has recently returned to painting though throughout his career drawing has been a constant, whether sketching characters he encounters in his day to day experience or capturing the life model at his regular class. It is the magic of recording a 3D object in a 2D medium which is the continuing motivation for him and always a thrill.


Hybrid Gallery Tim Woolgar First Swimming Trunks
Hybrid Gallery Cathy Butcher  Dackel