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Caroline Whitehead

Caroline Whitehead

  • Hybrid Gallery Caroline Whitehead Flightless Ashore
  • Hybrid Gallery Caroline Whitehead Flightless Adrift
  • Hybrid Gallery Caroline Whitehead Small Creature II
  • Hybrid Gallery Caroline Whitehead Peregrination

Caroline’s prints focus on birds, hours drawing in natural history collections convinced her that it’s pretty impossible to invent a bird that is stranger than one that actually exists. She is particularly fascinated by flightless birds and the sad story of the extinction of the great auk.

She works in screen print, calligraphy and mokulito, a lithographic process that uses a wooden plate instead of the traditional stone or metal. Editions are small and variable and Caroline enjoys the freedom of drawing on wood and the subtle veils of colour that arise during printing. She also prints onto porcelain and compiles multiple prints in framed collections.

She studied Fine Art at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford, and has an MA in Sequential Design from the University of Brighton. Having lived in London and Norway she now lives in Hackney and is a key holder at East London Printmakers.