Waiting in the Wings: the ballerina changes costume; Bottom, wearing the head of an ass, arms folded, awaits his cue and a scantily clad girl shivers in the backstage draught - just a few of the characters in Richard Adams’ latest production.

Depicting life in the theatre Adams indulges in the drama of the dressing room and casting couch as well as the fantasy of the unfolding story on stage. The grit of life “in digs” and behind the scenes is however, as appealing as centre stage when played out by Adams who captures the charm of the simplest story.

In more familiar Adams’ images of bucolic, rural life women perform the mundane activities of feeding pigs or taking a shower; still they are players in Adams’ theatre, where everyday life takes on a fiction of endless sunshine and joyful leisure, where fairies inhabit mystical sites and the fantastic sits comfortably in the natural world.