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1 April - 31 May 2014
  • Hybrid Gallery Rachel Ross Mustard Spoons with Egg and Silk
  • Hybrid Gallery Rachel Ross
  • Hybrid Gallery Rachel Ross Moths with Magnifying Glass
  • Hybrid Gallery Rachel Ross Three Spoons with Quails Eggs
  • Hybrid Gallery Rachel Ross Odense and Oslo
  • Hybrid Gallery Rachel Ross Suspended Key with Butterfly
  • Hybrid Gallery Rachel Ross
  • Hybrid Gallery Rachel Ross Cairngorm and Ironbridge
  • Two Forks on Black
  • Three Keys with Pink Silk
  • Four Spoons with Ironbridge Souvenir
  • RandB Saltspoons
  • A Letter for Mr Davidson
  • Arranged With Caddy Spoon
  • Hybrid Gallery Rachel Ross Clifden Nonpareil with China
  • Coffee Spoons
  • Escutcheons with Key and Pink Silk
  • French Spoons
  • Hawk Moth with Knife
  • Mother of Pearl Place Setting
  • Open Diary with Key and Feather
  • Saltspoons with White Moth and String
  • Scissors and String
  • Silver Mirrors
  • Skyline Spoons with Green Handles
  • Tied Book with Lesser Puss Moth
  • Fork with Trowel and Crocus Bulbs

The paintings of Rachel Ross are on the surface of it still lifes of everyday objects found around the home; cutlery, keys, letters, a penknife. Familiar accessories to our lives, we pay them little attention day to day, but sometimes their significance is of greater value than their use.

Rachel intuitively falls upon such cherished possessions and arranges them with her own care; sensitively painting their appearance we see their marks of wear and tear and love. She reminds us what we treasure most - the simple reminders of our own belonging.

Rachel is a graduate of Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design. An illustrator for 20 years, she began her personal painting career in 2007. She has exhibited in the major Scottish Open Exhibitions and been selected in key British Competitions including the Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize where she was a runner up in 2012.