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Pleasure Grounds

Pleasure Grounds

2 October - 6 November 2010
  • The Stone Garden
  • Castle Garden
  • The Blackberries
  • The Potatoes and the Windy Day
  • Making Hay
  • Angel of the Harvest
  • The Aquarium
  • Crossing the River
  • The Swan Pond
  • The Clock Struck Three
  • The Dreamer
  • A Day in August
  • Allotments
  • Henry the Fish
  • The Gates
  • Knitted Swimsuit
  • The Mermaid's Kiss
  • Pleasure Grounds
  • Roundabout
  • The Impossible Pig

Richard Adams’ transforms Hybrid Gallery into a Pleasure Ground this October when he brings his latest collection of exuberant images to the Honiton gallery for his annual solo exhibition. Filling the walls with a body of new work which takes as its theme the pursuit of happiness, he explores the many ways and places joy is found in his own distinctive manner. Adams’ highly coloured, densely filled and detailed pictures are hugely popular wherever they are shown, his exhibitions sell-out year on year; looking at his pictures, spending a little time sharing in his humour it is easy to see why.

In manorial gardens, the fields of the rolling countryside and in humble allotments Adams’ colourful characters indulge in social or private pleasure. Courting and cavorting, hay-making or cultivating their plot, his cast of ordinary folk are all having a jolly good time and it's infectious! Infused with light, warmth, joy and humour Adams’ life-affirming images are bound make us feel good.

Richard Adams idiosyncratic view reveals too, a fascination with the ordinary transported into the extraordinary, with ancient folklore and an inner life. Commonly tiny fairies accompany his subjects in everyday activities or occasionally in a quiet moment, an apparition might transpire and his work shifts into the sublime. In the tradition of great British visionary artists such as Stanley Spencer and Richard Dadd, Adams' hugely entertaining pictures evoke resonances deeper than at first are apparent to produce a more profound, longer lasting  joy.