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Richard Adams at Combe House

Richard Adams at Combe House

Date notes
Annual exhibitions at Combe House 2003 - 2014
  • Combe House Kitchen 2002
  • Delivery Day 2003
  • In the Panelled Room 2003
  • Combes' Winter Welcome 2005
  • Domestic Goddesses at Combe 2008
  • The Poet and Wife 2006
  • Magical Garden 2007
  • Arabians at Combe 2007
  • Spring Lovers at Combe 2008
  • A House for Thinking 2008
  • The Kitchen Garden at Combe 2009
  • Combe House - Bringing the Harvest Home
  • Combe Thatch House 2013
  • Royal Indian Game
  • The Village Hall

The story of Richard Adams and Combe House began in 2002 when Ken and Ruth Hunt who had just taken over Combe House, saw an image by Richard Adams of a busy Georgian Kitchen. They fell in love with Richard’s work and the timing was serendipitous, they had just completed the restoration of the Georgian Kitchen. To celebrate the achievement Ken and Ruth commissioned Richard Adams to produce a picture inspired by their own Kitchen, filled with the staff members of that time.

Richard visited Combe House to make sketches for the commission and in wandering the house, gardens and grounds he gained inspiration for a whole series of images. After his first exhibition there in 2003 an autumn exhibition became a feature of the Combe calendar.

2003 Flavours of the Harvest

2004 Enchanted Picnics

2005 A Little Magic in the Kitchen

2006 Behind the Scenes

2007 Ark

2008 Country Maids

2009 Cabbages and Things

2010 Bringing the Harvest Home

2011 Home to Roost

2012 Hideaways

2013 Mellow Fruit

2014 Feels Like Devon

Each year one of Richard's images was used on Combe House's Christmas card, to celebrate the year's project or event.  These pictures used to hang in the House and are pictured above. The 2010 image was made into a giclée print; Combe House - Bringing the Harvest Home shows a grand view of the house, grounds and surrounding countryside; a blend of fact and fantasy showing Combe life. It is a joyous ride through the ages celebrating the sustainable hospitality offered by Combe House, the fun and romance this special place exuded.

In 2015 Combe House became The Pig under new ownership. Richard's pictures are no longer hanging in the house.