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A Love of Things

A Love of Things

7 May - 11 June 2016
  • The Gem
  • 1611 Fetinalente
  • Hybrid Gallery Rachel  Ross Skyline Spoons with Whisk
  • Rue de Mazeray
  • Three Differently Shaped Spoons
  • Three Souvenirs
  • Caddy and Dessert Spoon with Hawkmoth
  • Three Whisks
  • Cutlery Collection with Red Ribbon
  • Cake Slice with Fork and Spoon
  • Dancing Shoes with Pearls
  • Book with Letters and Feather
  • Worcester Plate with Spoons and Red Ribbon
  • Party Dress with Brass Rattle
  • Silver Servers with Black Ribbon
  • Saved Letters with Butterfly and Silver Opener
  • Postcards with Spoon and Feather
  • Quail's Egg with Fork and Spoon

Rachel loves the things she paints, she is drawn to them not just for their visual appeal but on an emotional level also. The poet Pablo Neruda shares her love, his words explain the attraction and significance of the worn surfaces which connect not only Rachel with the things she paints but the viewer with both the things and with Rachel.

These sensitive paintings are faithful to the object before her and painting from life, each reflective surface reveals the trace of the artist in her mirrored image; temporary evidence of her touch on the life of the thing.

I love
not because they are
or sweet smelling
but because,
I don’t know,
this ocean is yours,
and mine:
these buttons
and wheels
and little
fans upon
whose feathers
love has scattered
its blossoms,
glasses, knives and
scissors –
all bear
the trace
of someone’s fingers
on their handle or surface,
the trace of a distant hand
in the depths of forgetfulness.

The fourth stanza from Ode to Things by Pablo Neruda.