Katarzyna’s paintings meld graphic, patterning of forms with loose strokes of nuanced colour. They recall her Polish heritage and the folk art tradition and display her confident and acute bold sense of colour. 

Subjects encompass landscapes peppered buildings, birds held in focus against imagined habitats and most recently ships and boats in harbours and on table tops.

These ships in bottle shaped harbours or stranded on a table evolved during the Lockdown as a metaphor for being stuck and unable to move around freely. They play with the notion of a ship unable to set sail whilst contained within a bottle forced to view the world from behind glass.

Katarzyna studied at St. Martin's School of Art in London and received a travel bursary to study Fine Art at the Warsaw Academy of Arts in Poland. She has worked as a designer and illustrator and set up the Art House trail in Leicester.


Hybrid Gallery Cathy Butcher  Dackel
Hybrid Gallery Helen Tabor On the Feast of Stephen
Hybrid Gallery Marian Hill  Smoke House
Hybrid Gallery Katarzyna Klein  Walk with Me


Katarzyna Klein's studio is a busy place; with activity -…