In her work Jay reflects on the histories which weave through the fabric of objects and images we create and looks ahead at the signals to future environmental collapse. Using collage and motifs of technical distortion she expresses a confusion as these uncomfortable realities mingle with traditions of the past. 

Growing up, Jay saw futurism as represented in film and architecture, she experienced the threat of new destructive forces, whilst all the while living a simpler life in rural Cornwall.  These conflicting themes run through her work as she portrays brutalist car park structures within an embroidery hoop, blue birds and stitches on the surface of concrete bricks.  

Patterns and images are repeated in her work to an almost obsessive extent. Jay finds the crafting aspect of repeated process therapeutic and this is reflected in her series of embroidery hoop samplers.

Jay lives and works as a teacher in Dorset and has shown her work in Dorset and Cornwall.


Hybrid Gallery Irene  Jones Quiet Moonlight