Felicia has worked full time as an artist since 2010 and exhibits internationally. In 2018 she was awarded second prize in The BP Portrait Award (National Portrait Gallery).

Felicia attended the Art Students League of New York in 2006 then moved to San Francisco where she launched her career as a fine artist and private instructor of painting. She has been featured in podcasts and publications including The Huffington Post and Dazed Magazine and has taught at museums, schools and privately all over the globe. In 2017 she was invited to be a resident and grant recipient of the Red Bull Arts Detroit. She currently maintains a studio in Detroit, Michigan where she works and offers instruction to private students.

"My body of work is a visual journal chronicling loss, change, and education. I paint subjects that hook me on an intuitive level, searching for a moment when the least amount of detail meets the truth of my subject. I intuitively decide what enough information is. In the essentialist space of my work there is room for others to experience their own reality."

Hybrid currently holds stock of studies and demos.