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August Shadows

August Shadows

11 July - 8 August 2015
  • August Shadows
  • Arrival
  • By the Green
  • Clearing
  • Clever
  • Country Walk
  • Holt in the Wood
  • Just After Dawn
  • The Struggle
  • Peggy
  • Tea on the Island
  • The Break
  • The Fall
  • The Navigation
  • The Tourists
  • Above the Cliffs

The summer sun shines brightly throughout Adams’ new collection of pictures; its midday intensity warming bodies and dappling shade where animals graze.

Blue skies pervade, occasionally dotted with Adams’ zeppelin clouds or blurred with a heat haze hovering over the sea. Illuminating every scene of countryside and coast, the sun enhances the vivid colours in nature and dress and casts the softly shaped shadows of hedgerows and thatch. Its rays filter through trees and Adams enjoys exploring its effects in his mastery of the chalk pastel medium.

The sun as a life force is celebrated by Adams too, as it ripens crops and encourages flowers to bloom. Its generosity fills these images and matches Adams own spirit of liberal kindness, and ultimately life-affirming view.

Richard Adams grew up in rural Wiltshire in the 1960’s and has made pictures all his life. Fascinated with rural history, the factual and folkloric, he absorbs images and everyday experiences which are transformed through the filter of his imagination into his fantastic images of life and love.

Take a fish eye view of the opening day click here (needs a link)