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Evi Antonio

Evi Antonio

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Evi grew up in London, she studied scientific illustration at Middlesex University and went on to work as an illustrator for natural history publications. Resuming her artistic career after a break, she now embraces technology to enable her to create stunning and majestic images which unite digital and traditional painting. In 2012 Jono's Lobster was selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and the entire series was sold.

Evi’s work is inspired by the hand coloured engravings of the nineteenth century used to document early scientific discoveries. Her creative approach is informed by her professional experience, an obsessive eye for detail and a passion for our natural history tradition. The Pembrokeshire coast of which she is very fond, provides many of her subjects for painting, a local fisherman (Jono) alerting her to his best catches. This led to a solo show of her Lobster paintings in Pembrokeshire in 2015.

Evi records details which along with the specimen itself act as her reference for the painting. Using a drawing tablet she paints digitally, often working at 400% actual size and at an extremely high resolution enabling her to paint in microscopic and painstaking detail. The reference for the background paper is chosen from Evi’s collection of engravings and the specimen placed on it.

After many weeks of painting like this Evi prints the image on a large scale, onto a high quality, fine art canvas, itself a lengthy process as she ensures the colour and quality are perfect. A series (8) of the painting is made, each of which is finally worked on and finished individually using a series of traditional oil glazes and unique details.

Evi’s art is a celebration of the intricate and often unnoticed details of the natural world.