Emerging from a prolonged winter, the first buds of Spring were particularly welcome this year. These signs of new growth herald the change of season and it is these changes to the landscape and natural world which have inspired the artists’ work in this exhibition. Whilst each artist has a different focus and concern, their work collectively reflects the new hope and optimism we enjoy at this moment.

Angela Charles lives in Somerset and paints the landscape of the south west. Working from pen sketches and notes, her paintings represent a memory of a location rather than a direct response to a place. Her base of spray-primed aluminium or wooden board allows for a smooth surface where every texture is the artist’s. Marks are scratched through smooth expanses of colour to express her sense of awe at the landscape.

The seasons, their subtleties of light and weather conditions and their effect on nature inspire Linda Felcey's paintings in oil. Recording the changes taking place on a small scale, Linda also observes the broader change in the landscape as it is embraced by colour. Finishing her paintings in the studio she moves beyond the figurative representation to convey the sensation of the experience too.

Louis Turpin’s startlingly colourful canvases evoke the splendour of both the cultivated and natural landscape. Bold, gestural areas of colour are restrained by confident, fine lines to describe riotous planting and reveal form and structure in the garden. His graphic ink and gouache drawings on paper are masterful in the depth and subtlety he creates with a single colour.