Serena was born in Lincolnshire, at 2 years old her family took her to travel in the USA and Mexico for 18 months in a camper van. They continued to travel, sailing around the world for the rest of her childhood.

As a result her education was broad and included a mix of home with conventional schooling. Back on dry land she studied at Falmouth College of Arts and pursued a career in illustration. She now lives in Bristol, painting from studios within the Jamaica Street Artists Collective and has shown at the Royal West of England Academy.

Maybe as a result of her upbringing Serena has a minimalist approach to life reflected in her painting. She concentrates on the essential and limits the detail, directing focus onto the key elements in her narrative. Isolating her subjects she leaves large areas of the canvas blank. Faint drawing marks in graphite blend with smoothly applied paint to create a controlled stillness which is sometimes peaceful, sometimes uncomfortable.

Serena's sensitive painting and restrained composition combine to leave a haunting impression.


Hybrid Gallery Serena Curmi  All With Me
Blue Shoes
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