Cleo Mussi is an established mosaic artist creating both large wall hung figurative work and three dimensional sculptures. She originally trained in textiles at Goldsmiths and later translated this interest and knowledge of print and pattern into her mosaic work. Mussi's work incorporates previously used objects; plates, teapots, bowls, using them and their associations to reconnect us to a living history and explore an age old theme; the power of nature.

Her series of sculptures, the Mutants are a maximist and maverick collection of assemblages, reconstructed and modified creatures inspired by stem cell research and genetic modification. The Mutants connect tastes, aspirations and desire for ornament across classes and cultures. Intricate and humorous, grotesque an beautiful, they explore duality and the meeting of opposites.

"One man's meat is another man's poison."

Mussi's solo exhibitions , The Crowd, A-Z a Handbook, Pharma's Market have toured nationally.