Vanessa studied ceramics at Bath Spa and now works from her studio in Dorset. She makes fine ceramics in earthenware paper clay.

The clay is either smooth or rolled with impressions of fabric and textures and the clay is wrapped around wooden forms or hand constructed into vessels which Vanessa delicately hits until they collapse! Pieces are coloured with glazes and decorated and cut in with decals (transfers) of images - existing and her own digital prints. They are finished with mother of pearl, gold and lustres. Along the way are many firings.

Vanessa's influences come from design and fashion, music and culture; feelings and ideas, images and colour are distilled and realised in relaxed forms and layered decoration. Her pieces enjoy being showy and sparkling in the light, they gain personalities in each being unique.

Her recent collaboration with the artist Stuart Pearson-Wright won her Artist of the Year at the Brighton Open House Event and she has exhibted at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester as well as with galleries in London and the south of England.