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Hybrid Gallery


The web site is a modern day must for any business - it’s the skeleton for the social media muscles.

You will be reading this on our brand new web site developed with Cosmic IT here in Honiton. It’s responsive too, looking on a smartphone or tablet it will change to suit its environment, like a chameleon. It’s a long way from our first web site designed and built by yours truly back in 1996 when the internet was just a baby and you got to it via dial-up (pooooorrr beeeeeep biddily beep…etc). 

We’d looked at some web sites and realised we needed one too as we were in a visual business. Back then we ran two illustration agencies and spent a lot of time sending portfolios to clients on the back of a motorbike and even couriering them to the States; this was going to be a better, swifter and cheaper way to get images to them. Maybe this is post rationalising from me, Read More >